Sandro del Prete, a Swiss artist, began his career in 1981. After studying art and technique in Italy, Prete returned to Switzerland, where he continues to experiment with human perception and illusion. His passion for the subject is reflected in the breadth of his life’s work.

Prete imbibes a unique sense of symbolism and allegory into his paintings. From renderings such as The Quadrature of the Wheel to fanciful illustrations such as an impossible window, chess game and an ambiguous lady hanging laundry, Prete explores the world of impossible structures and ambiguous landscapes.

Prete’s work can be found in various publications and exhibitions, including two of his own published collections, Illusorimem, ISBN: 3-7165-0373-8, and Illusoria, ISBN: 3-7165-0591-9. You can visit a web site that features Sandro del Prete’s book at