Hot Picks ‘n Books

A few of our recommended favorites

Uncover the Secrets Behind Optical Illusions! (2013)
Presenting more than 200 superb examples of visual trickery in full color, graphic artist Robert Ausbourne de mystifies a wide variety of astounding optical illusions, as he examines the peculiarities of human vision that make illusions possible.

From color-perception bafflers and after-images to ambiguous and impossible objects, you’ll be astonished by the many ways in which we are able to deceive ourselves. Join Ausbourne on this exciting adventure into the dazzling art and science of optical illusions, and all known secrets will be revealed.

The Vision Revolution
How the Latest Research Overturns Everything We Thought We Knew About Human Vision 
by Mark Changizi

Eye opening revelations about the human sense of sight. Written in an easy-to-understand style. This editon abounds with new revelations and insights.

An illustrated guide to what we know about the way we see, and why. What causes optical illusions, and what are they anyway?  Why do we see them?  Do we really have X-Ray vision?  Can humans really see the future?

How to Understand, Enjoy, and Draw Optical Illusions: 37 Illustrated projects in color.

This fully illustrated, large format hardcover book is a useful guide for artists, teachers, instructors, quilters, crafters, doodlers, and the incurably curious. A fun read even if you can’t draw.

Contains 37 step-by-step optical illusion drawing projects, with full-size templates, picture elements and clip art. Each project includes complete instructions.  You can even draw your own Impossible Triangle.


Magic Moving ImagesAnimated Optical Illusions, Colin Ord, 2007

The technique of using sliding overlays to create the illusion of movement in static drawings dates back to the turn of the century, almost from the moment plastic was invented. Now illusory technologist, and author Colin Ord demonstrates the pinnacle of the moiré art form.  You will see a horse in full trot, and much more!

Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks Scholastic Press

One of the most splendidly beautiful presentations available in book form.  Photographic master Wick packs every page with “working” optical illusions; including both covers, frontispiece, and TOC.  There are no blank pages.

Wick not only stuns us with his unique brand of photoptical illusions, he often lets us peek behind the camera to see how it is done.  Anyone looking for the perfect picture book of illusions will find this one a favorite.