It has no batteries, lights, knobs or dials. It's silent, deceptively simple. But you can transform this attractive piece into a bewildering conversation piece. Instantly!

Make a mirage appear-right before your eyes. Even the camera sees it. But you can't touch it. And neither will anyone else. The effect occurs in seconds, just by placing any small object into the Mirage 2000. Never has the line between reality and sensory perception been exposed with such startling clarity. The Mirage 2000 is a precision optical instrument, proudly made in America, and used in hundreds of universities and schools to demonstrate the phenomenon of three-dimensional, real imagery. On a desk...a table...or in your hands, the Mirage 2000 should become one of the most compelling, attention-getting conversation pieces you'll ever own. Or give.


Opti-Gone Mirage 2000
Instant 3D Hologram Maker

The Classic Desktop Illusion

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Even a novice can make an endless variety of impossible figures with this amazing puzzle and board game. It works like a jigsaw puzzle except the pieces are cleverly engineered to form unique
impossible figures when complete. Set
includes complete instructions to get you started building several impossible figures.

Complete with game pieces, game board,
and instructions.

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A cleverly designed and fascinating way to learn about optical illusions. The playing field is made up of 9 board segments which come together to form Illusion Lands through which players will have to navigate. The game never has the same layout twice—and may suddenly change during play. Players use three sets of unique Illusion Cards to gain points towards victory. Each card has two meanings. You must guess which meaning your opponents have seen or lose the advantage. An exciting game for ages 8 to adult. 3-unique decks with illusions, game pieces, tokens, game board and complete instructions.

Y&B Associates. Products that entertain and educate.


The Illusion Board Game


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Years ago this fun toy was known as the Click-Clack Illusion. Now it's back as Jacob's Ladder, and the price is right!


Jacob's Ladder

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